Princess Principal Original Soundtrack: Sound of Foggy London

Soundtrack compuesto por Yuki Kajiura


Disco 1

01. shadows and fog
02. tailing in darkness
03. scars of the past
04. go and get it!
05. on a day so calm
06. espionage trap
07. under suspicion
08. bitter times
09. tensions are rising
10. a royal girl
11. walking in the fog
12. battle of the shadows
13. orchestrion
14. A Page of My Story ~Piano ver.
15. room with no window
16. everyone has something to hide
17. titteringly
18. school girl life
19. the creeping fate
20. something is out there
21. have to get over
22. the London Wall
23. moonlight melody ~Piano ver.


Disco 2

01. a fighter-girl from east
02. tiny flower garden
03. a noble man
04. why should we be apart?
05. tragedy and silence
06. in the fog
07. operations in action
08. hopeless
09. give your hands to me
10. acting behind the scenes
11. moonlight melody in blue
12. a girl from the east
13. uncanny
14. shall we dance?
15. A Page of My Story ~four-handed ver.
16. her true story
17. Mo Hitotsu Mawashite
18. moonlight melody
19. The Other Side of the Wall (TV Size)
20. A Page of My Story (TV Size)


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J Guendulain

Gracias por compartir, he estado esperando este Soundtrack desde que se anuncio!!


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