Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] I. presage flower Original Soundtrack

Compuesto por Yuki Kajiura


01. and she came to me
02. calm and quiet days
03. cherries are falling
04. calm days, passing by
05. wounded past
06. foreboding
07. open the curtains
08. the flower will bloom
09. scar of the war
10. the decision to fight
11. overpowered
12. in the maze
13. she is the Saber
14. and he vanished
15. his war, my war
16. his war, my war #2
17. crawling shadow
18. the loser has to fall
19. she decides, he decides
20. her sorrow, his anger
21. song of a tiny flower
22. lancer and assassin
23. interception
24. existence of shadow
25. what are you gonna do?
26. into the battle
27. she did not answer
28. with or against
29. fears and hopes.
30. now I'm back
31. for the butterfly


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